Looking for Child Care resources and referrals?

thread is Alaska’s Child Care Resource and Referral Network offering services to families, early childhood educators, early childhood education programs, and communities statewide.

Our work is rooted in the latest research, data, and best practices to ensure we provide the best information and services to our customers.

thread can be reached by dialing (907) 479-2214. Their offices are located at 1908 Old Pioneer Way in Fairbanks.

Explore our website:
Child Care Referrals: (907) 479-2204 or toll free at 866-878-2273.


  1. April Mindel Reply

    I am getting custody of my nephews ages 5 & 9 and am looking for child care

    1. Fancy Conner Reply

      If your 5 year old turned 5 after September 1st then the child would be able to be enrolled in Head Start if you qualify. However if your child turned 5 before September 1st then the child would go to kindergarten. If you need after school or before school care you would find a list of providers at the Thread Resource and Referral office by calling 479-2214.

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