School Age Program

Thrivalaska has operated successfully at Pearl Creek Elementary since 1991- for 29 years! We have been working diligently to provide Before and After school services at Pearl Creek this school year.  The school district is using a “Risk Level Decision Matrix” for determining the district’s risk level for conducting in-person school. Unless we are in the low risk “Green Zone”, Thrivalaska will NOT be allowed in the building. FNSB is not allowing any outside user groups to use space in schools during yellow or red zones of the pandemic.

Risk Level information is available on the FSNB School District website at

Pearl Creek elementary school and the district welcome us to return once the risk is low and returns to “Green Zone”. For Now, we are nonoperational.

Thrivalaska will continue to update the situation through email, social media, and our website. We know this is a difficult time for children and families, and have set up a school age group on the Thrivalaska Facebook page. (Open the Thrivalaska FB page, look for the groups section, School Age Program, answer the questions, then we will accept you on the page.)

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these times.