thread Child Care Assistance Program

A healthy community needs working families and working families need child care. Do you need help paying for child care?

thread partners with Thrivalaska to provide Child Care Assistance to eligible families working, going to school or looking for work, to help with child care expenses based on a sliding fee schedule. If you would like to apply or would like more information, give thread Child Care Assistance a call at 479-2212, or visit our program at 1949 Gillam Way, in the Carol Brice Family Center.

Testimonials from families we serve:

  1. “I finished nursing school with help from child care assistance and now I don’t need them anymore – I graduated and have a good job”
  2. “My husband and I both need to work, having support for child care costs allows us to work and support our family.”
  3. “Child Care Assistance helps my family while my husband works out of town and I am in school.”

Call 479-2212 TODAY to find out if we can help you pay for child care!! Child Care Assistance is funded by the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services.

Click the link below to learn more about Child Care Assistance eligibility, forms and information on PASS programs.

Child Care Assistance Application